NOTE: This post is from 2019. Check your files for a duplicate.

I found a gem to add to our notebooks from old Ensign articles in 2003! 
Chart 1 is from January and then Chart 2 is from April. Chart 1 covers from Jesus’ birth until the final week of His life and then Chart 2 is the final week of His life. There’s Chart 3! (Thanks Nicole!) The file has been updated to include Chart 3 in July.

I love that the charts also correlate and include what is happening in the Book of Mormon at the same time. I’ve put the 8 pages onto 8.5×14 inch pages and have given enough space to tape or staple the pages together to fit really nicely into your study notebook.
You can also fold them in half and create somewhat of a book that sits into each other. This is the way that I did it. Fold slightly before half and then open, hole punch on the left side. You’ll need to decide which two holes to use, I prefer the middle and bottom holes. Then put into your binder and fold the pages back over to close the binder. Now when you open the binder, the charts are in order all folded together. Voila! I added this into my binder after John in my chapter study notebook.

NOTE: These pages need to be printed on legal paper (8.5″x14″).

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